You have a Dream, We have a Plan.


We started with a Silverado 1500 and a single-car trailer. We are just real people who are genuinely concerned simply because we have been in your shoes. 


We provide accurate accounting records but we understand that does nothing for your business if you're living check to check. Our approach is to give you strategy and purpose.


We help to build your company from the financial and accounting side of things. Even more, we hope to be apart of the legacy, the empire you will pass on. 


Since 2016

Here at RH Accounting, we believe that dreams don’t work unless you do; but that doesn’t mean you should do it alone.  
We understand that big goals and dreams require big commitment and we want to help! 

We think that every small business owner deserves a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to walk you towards entrepreneurial freedom. 

Whether you are in the planning or scaling stages of your business, we’ve got you covered. We can’t wait to celebrate your success! 

Every client is different! Our work is customized and dependent upon the specific need of our clients. The work delivered is a representation of our values.